Thoughts on Young People and Entrepreneurship

Here’s an article I wrote called “A Nation of Entrepreneurs?” based on my work with the Young Entrepreneurs Study (YES), a joint Stanford/Tufts research project on how entrepreneurial skills and goals develop in early adulthood. My co-P.I. on this project is Professor Richard Lerner of Tufts University, and one of the other project leaders is Professor Kendall Bronk of Claremont Graduate University.

2 Responses to “Thoughts on Young People and Entrepreneurship”

  1. Christine Curtin Savala says:

    Hello Mr. Damon. I am a Stanford grad and also a psychologist. I am also a mother to 4. Recently, my eldest, age 17, had an experience with a young entrepreneur group in our town. I would really love to read your article ” A Nation of Entrepreneurs” but have not ben able to locate it online. Could you share it with me? Thank you!
    Warm regards, Christine

    • Elissa Hirsh says:

      Hello Christine, The Hoover Institution had changed the URL to this article in Defining Ideas. The link has now been updated. You can access the article by clicking on the title. Thank you for your interest. Sincerely, Elissa (for W. Damon)